I bet. I'd also be willing to bet that highway exit ramps can be tricky too. I know I nearly killed myself the first day I bought a 15 year old 5 series because I wasn't used to checking my speedometer before exiting, and all of the sudden, traction control was desperately trying to rein in a one heck of a surprise… » 8/28/14 11:10am Thursday 11:10am

Part of what I've been so amazed with is how straightforward working on older, high quality, luxury cars can be. Sure, it's intimidating to do something like remove a door panel, but with YouTube and a few tools, convincing my rear driver's side window to roll up again was surprisingly easy (and only cost $28 vs. the… » 8/25/14 5:15pm 8/25/14 5:15pm

I currently own a 540i with a 6MT and the M-sport pack just like you're interested in, and it's been a great car. My only recommendation is that you spend closer to $5000 and get a car with closer to 100,000 miles. Try to find a car that's owned by a professional (banker, doctor, lawyer, etc.) who has gotten all the… » 8/23/14 6:16pm 8/23/14 6:16pm